Course Sharing Partners


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Course Sharing Partners

Rio Salado College has offered career-ready classes to remote students since 1978. With an extensive library of 595+ online courses, Rio can help partner businesses and academic institutions augment their online offering with career-relevant curriculum

Through a unique course-sharing partnership, students can register for select online classes offered by Rio Salado that will count toward degree and certificate programs at their “home” school. This partnership gives students access to Rio Salado’s unique online learning platform and provides the scheduling flexibility they’ll need to fit their classes into their busy lives.

Online course sharing allows academic institutions to fill gaps in their curriculum or modality offering.

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Featured Partner - Lake Michigan College

Lake Michigan College recently partnered with Rio Salado College to increase their online offerings. Lake Michigan College “Powered by Rio” allows students at Lake Michigan College (LMC) to attend entirely online pathways and earn their credentials with their home institution, LMC. Students are co-enrolled at both institutions and administration, faculty, and support services partner between the two institutions to create a seamless student experience.

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