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Beka Namachanja: Rio Salado's All AZ Scholar

Rio Salado College is proud to introduce our newest All AZ Scholar: Beka Namachanja! The 2023/2024 Student Senator at Rio, Namachanja is a very active member of our community. Find out more about this hard-working & dedicated learner on our blog.
February 27, 2024

There’s No Better Time to Learn With Honor than During PTK Awareness Week

It's PTK Awareness Week! Have you thought about joining our honor society? There's a lot of benefits that can come from getting involved in PTK. Find out more on our blog.
February 26, 2024

Forging Pathways: Rio Salado, Tempe Collaborate With Local, Federal Partners to Champion Advanced Manufacturing Prosperity

City, county, national and education leaders joined industry professionals during a landmark event earlier this month held at Rio Salado College, “Preparing the Future: Building Tempe’s Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Pipeline.”
February 23, 2024

Ask an Advisor - How Do I Plan for University Transfer?

Your Rio Salado College Advisor will help you select courses that will first, satisfy your degree requirements at Rio and then, apply to your future university degree.
February 23, 2024

Planning How to Pay for College? Here are a Few Resources to Help You Save Money & Time

Planning how to pay your tuition? We recently launched a page with information on all the different ways you can save time and money while paying for college. Learn more about this page and other steps you can take on our blog.
February 22, 2024

Want to Reach a Goal? How to Plan for Success

If you want to accomplish something, you need to plan for your own success. Setting goals for yourself and sticking to them can be tricky but there are techniques you can use to help you stay on track. Check out our latest Student Success blog for tips on how to set & achieve goals.
February 21, 2024

Rio Salado to Host Resilience and Brilliance: The Power of Black Women in Higher Education Panel on Feb. 26

We invite you to connect and be inspired from 2 to 3 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2024, to celebrate the impact and achievements of Black women in academia.
February 20, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: The Rewards of Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day! It feels good to be in love. Have you ever wondered WHY it feels so good? For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, we look at the science of sweet nothings.
February 14, 2024

A Few Things to Help You With FAFSA

Getting ready to take classes this summer or fall? Don't forget to apply for your 2024-25 FAFSA! The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is open. Make sure you fill yours out before the deadline so you can be eligible for financial aid. Check out this blog for helpful resources & info to help you fill out your FAFSA.
February 12, 2024

Celebrate Black History Month

February is Black History Month! Learn more about the rich history and cultural contributions of Black Americans by checking out our BHM library guide.
February 9, 2024

Rio Salado Welcomes Three New Deans to the College

Please welcome the three new deans who have recently joined Rio Salado College: Yolanda Espinoza, Dean, Division of Strategy and Advancement; Patti Curtis, Dean, Student Affairs; and Dr. Miguel Lucas, Dean, Academic Affairs.
February 6, 2024

Save The Date For Commencement 2024

Save the date! Commencement 2024 is happening on May 2 at Arizona Financial Theatre in downtown Phoenix. For more information about the event, check out our blog.
February 2, 2024