Contract Funded Programming


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Contract Funded Programming

Rio Salado College partners with the Arizona Department of Corrections to offer occupational and educational programs at ASPC-Perryville and ASPC-Lewis. 


Automotive Technology (Lewis & Perryville)

The Automotive Technology Program is designed to give incarcerated students a thorough understanding of the principles of the modern automobile. They develop the knowledge and the analytical skills to be able to successfully diagnose automotive problems and are able to disassemble, determine necessary corrective action, and repair any make of modern automobile including buses, trucks, and tractors at a level acceptable for entry in the industry.

  • Students gain an understanding of the attitude needed for the business as well as essential work habits necessary for securing initial employment and future advancement in the field of automotive repair.
  • Women enrolled in this program have the opportunity to participate in a true work-based learning experience that teaches skills while providing assistance to Motor Pool in the maintenance of over 180 state-owned vehicles.
  • The Automotive Technology program is duplicated at ASPC-Lewis where the male inmates, in addition to their coursework, maintain a fleet of vehicles and buses for the Complex. This experience helps prepare both populations for successful integration upon release from prison.

Construction Electrical (Perryville)

The Workforce Development: Electrical certificate is designed to prepare the incarcerated person with skills needed to work in the construction electrical field upon release. Courses focus on basic electrical fundamentals, electrical standards and installation procedures, as well as electrical equipment, blueprints, codes, and safety.

  • Students gain hands-on experience through the construction of electrical products for the government, the construction industry, and the community.
  • Any student who successfully completes classes during incarceration may continue the program offered through MCCCD or choose to pursue employment in the residential housing industry.

Construction Technology (Lewis)

The Construction Technology Program teaches curriculum used in a nationally recognized apprenticeship program at Lewis Prison. Students learn skills in carpentry, and electrical while incarcerated, and gain valuable field experience by assisting with facility building and maintenance in an instructional environment.

  • Possible Re-Entry Employment - A student who successfully completes classes during incarceration may continue the program offered through MCCCD after release or may choose to pursue employment in the residential housing industry. The standardized training curriculum is taught in classrooms nationwide so students are up-to-date with current practice in the field, and the continued training affords them the opportunity to achieve a journeyman’s license in their chosen trade.

Quality Customer Service (Perryville)

The Quality Customer Service Certificate of Completion is designed to provide students with training to meet the requirements for employment in non-sales areas. The courses will be offered in Customer Service, Teamwork, Communication skills (both written and oral) and Professional Development.

Small Business Start Up (Lewis)

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Small Business Start-Up program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs. Courses provide a background in marketing, management, finance, and a capstone course in which students complete a business plan.

  • The goal of the Small Business Start-Up certificate is to create a foundation for prospective small business owners and contribute to the long-term success of the business community.

Plumbing (Perryville)

This program is designed to provide incarcerated persons with the training needed for transition from incarceration to employment in the plumbing industry. Topics covered in the courses include an introduction to basic safety and calculations used in the construction industry, in addition to an introduction to the use of hand and power tools and rigging equipment.

  • Includes an introduction to construction drawings and the plumbing industry, with an emphasis on common materials, schedules and plumbing codes.
  • Also covers fixtures materials and installation as well as an introduction to apartment home plumbing systems maintenance and repairs. Upon release, students may choose to complete their certificate through MCCCD or pursue employment in the Plumbing field.

Workforce Development and Community Re-Entry (Perryville)

This 13-credit program provides incarcerated students with the skills they need to effectively transition into the community. Courses focus on job readiness, job preparation and job retention skills, plus family reunification, personal and social skill development, and substance abuse education.

  • The program includes a Certificate of Completion in Workforce Development and Community Re-Entry. Combined with restricted electives and general education requirements (done via distance learning), this provide students the opportunity to earn an Associates of Applied Science in Workforce Development and Community Re-Entry.
  • This certificate program is also offered by distance learning in a print-based format, affording the opportunity for incarcerated students nationwide to participate.