Distance Learning


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Distance Learning

Rio Salado College's Incarcerated Re-entry (IRE) program offers distance learning classes for incarcerated students. Classes are offered in a print-based correspondence format.

The Arizona General Education Certificate (AGEC) and the Associate of Art Degree (AA) offered through the IRE program are part of the MyPath2ASU®.  MyPath2ASU® is designed for future Arizona State University students studying at Maricopa Community Colleges.  MAPP is designed for Maricopa Community Colleges students with a plan to transfer to a state university to complete a bachelor’s degree.    .

The Arizona General Education Curriculum is a foundation of completed general courses (35-37 credits) transfer as a block to ASU, NAU, and UA.

We encourage incarcerated students complete an AA or Arizona General Education Curriculum Certificate (AGEC) because these programs are transferable to a 4-year university.

IRE complies with Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC), Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP), CoreCivicGEO GroupSRPMIC and prison policies regarding inmate student education. Please provide the education contact at the facility where the student is located. IRE will verify the facility supports correspondence courses, that the student is eligible to take classes, a contact should course material be lost and the address to send materials.

Current Certificate Offerings

The certificates offered in our program are listed below and will lead to an Associate of Applied Science Degree:

Current Associate Degree Offerings

Print based Associate degree degrees are listed below:

We have start dates every Monday and encourage students to start with one class. As soon as the student is comfortable, we suggest a second class be taken. In most facilities, students can take up to 4 classes a semester. These classes can be staggered in the semester. Students who want to complete a degree prior to release should take up to 4 classes every semester.

IRE Course Guide

The IRE Course guide provides information on the certificates and degree pathways available in correspondence modality for incarcerated students.

Correspondence and Distance Learning Course Guide