Incarcerated Tuition and Fees


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Incarcerated Tuition and Fees

Rio Salado offers affordable tuition and fees for in-state students. Learn more online.

Funding Options:

If you want to start taking classes immediately use the Self-Pay option. A family member or outside party may pay on behalf of the student using cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card.


Please submit the self pay form along with the Student Admissions and FERPA forms.

If you are an in-state student and want a degree, consider the IRE Matching Scholarship along with Self-pay.

IRE Scholarship Matching Program for Incarcerated Students in Arizona:

  • IRE scholarship a self pay matching program for In-State Students
    • Students can take up to 4 classes a semester
    • Since we have start dates every Monday, we encourage students to start with one class and a month or two after the class, start the second class.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the academic year and a student may be accepted at any point throughout the academic year.
  • Available to students currently residing in a facility within Arizona, who do not have a degree/certificate and who demonstrate financial need.
  • Funds a minimum of one 3-credit course, and includes tuition, registration and course material fees and textbooks.
  • Follows Department of Corrections DO910 criteria and Rio Salado Incarcerated Re-Entry criteria.
  • Scholarships are not guaranteed, and students can self-pay in addition to scholarships to ensure completion of a degree or certificate.
  • The scholarship does not guarantee all courses for the entire program are covered.
  • If a student drops or withdraws from a course, the student will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.
  • Students must keep pace with the course to maintain scholarship.
  • Available to students currently residing in an ADCRR facility within Arizona who do not have a degree/certificate and demonstrate financial need.
  • Students attending another college or university do not meet the financial need criteria for this scholarship.
  • Priority is given to students with demonstrated progress towards a certificate or who have not dropped or withdrawn from a correspondence class.
  • Academic Progress earning a “C” or higher in prior correspondence coursework.
  • New applicants who do not have enough time to complete a certificate or degree before release may not be approved.
  • Need to submit a thank you letter with the course continuation form at the end of the class to move to the next class.
  • Students are expected to continue the sequence of coursework to complete a degree or certificate before release and might be enrolled in more than one class a semester.
  • Students are not placed on a new certificate if coursework on an existing certificate has started.
  • Course material/textbook might arrive after the start date of the class, and students are expected to continue with the course once the material arrives.
  • Students may be placed in alternate courses applicable to the current degree or certificate.
  • IRE Scholarship is NOT guaranteed and may not cover all classes.
  • Students are not eligible for scholarships if they are within 1 year of being released from prison or transferred out of state.
  • Students will lose scholarships if they drop, withdraw, or have a “D” or less in a class.

Second Chance Pell Grant

If you are at Lewis or Perryville prison and want to use Second chance Pell Grant funds.

Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

Rio Salado College has been accepted for the Second Chance Pell Grant for students located at PV and Lewis

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry is a group also funding Arizona incarcerated students.