Professional Growth


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Professional Growth

Step 1:  Get Admitted to Maricopa Community Colleges 

Applicants must complete the Maricopa Community Colleges application and under the section primary reason for attending this college choose

  1. Take a class, not pursuing a degree/certification and then
  2. Enhance Job Skills.

Step 2:  Apply to the Program

Applicants seeking to complete coursework for professional growth are able to request enrollment in any EDU coursework as long as a current teaching certificate is available.  Student Teaching may not be requested. Professional Development students are considered Unclassified and must submit a Request to Enroll form in order to be granted permission to enroll. Course options can be found in the Class Schedule. Search for EDU.

Complete the Request to Enroll process:

About 24 hours following acceptance of your Maricopa Community Colleges application, students will be able to complete the Request to Enroll application.

Request to Enroll Application

To continue with an application you saved