FAQs: About HSE Graduation


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FAQs: About HSE Graduation

HSE is the acronym for "high school equivalency." It replaces the term GED®. Students who successfully complete an HSE program and pass an exam earn a diploma that is equivalent to graduating from high school.

Rio Salado College will celebrate the Classes of 2020 and 2021 at its upcoming High School Equivalency (HSE) virtual graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 17 at 6 p.m. The ceremony will be live streamed on Rio Salado College’s YouTube channel.

HSE students who officially enrolled in and completed Rio Salado College’s in-person or online HSE preparation classes are eligible to participate.

Participating in the HSE Graduation is an opportunity to reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome during your time as a student. It also allows your family and friends to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. Walking across the stage to receive your degree or certificate creates a memory of this important milestone as you take the next step toward your future.

You are not required to participate in the HSE Graduation to receive your diploma.