Track My Progress


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Getting Started

Rio Salado College has online tools to help you track your academic progress in RioCompass and in your Student Center. In the Student Center, you are able to run your Degree Progress Report and set up a Pathway Planner. You are also able to set up a semester-by-semester planner in RioCompass. Your academic advisor can help you plan for your educational and career goals using these tools.

Degree Progress Reports

Degree Progress Reports replace RioCompass check sheets (existing check sheets are available). The Degree Progress Report is available in your Student Center for you to track your progress in real-time, any time. It is a key tool to use when selecting classes for enrollment and verifying that courses selected apply to your degree plan requirements. This is especially important for students receiving financial aid.

To have classes you completed outside of the Maricopa Community Colleges appear on your Degree Progress Report, you must have all your official transcripts sent directly from your institution to Rio Salado College. The evaluation process may take up to 10 business days upon receipt of your transcripts. Your academic advisor will contact you after the transcript evaluation is completed to review your Degree Progress Report and class selection toward your program of study.

Using the Degree Progress Report
Once you have confirmed or updated your program of study, you can view your degree or certificate requirements by running a Degree Progress Report

To view your Degree Progress Report:

  1. Log in to your Student Center
  2. Click the Academic Progress tile and choose Degree Progress from the menu
  3. Review the classes you have completed and see which classes you still need to meet the requirements and complete your program.

Degree Progress Report Detailed Instructions