Advisement FAQs


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FAQ's Advisement

Academic advisors can help you select the right courses to meet your program requirements and refer you to other student resources. If you do not find the answer to your question below, contact Academic Advisement. 

Advisement FAQs

Even classes you took a long time ago can be used towards a certificate or degree. However, to meet industry standards, some certificates and degrees require courses that are current. Courses being considered to satisfy a prerequisite may be subject to time limits. Consult your academic advisor for specific information.

  • First-Year Composition [FYC]
  • Literacy and Critical Inquiry [L]
  • Mathematical Studies [MA]
  • Computer/Statistics/Quantitative Applications [CS]
  • Humanities and Fine Arts [HU]
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences [SB]
  • Natural Science-Quantitative [SQ]
  • Natural Science-General [SG]
  • Cultural Diversity in the United States [C]
  • Global Awareness [G]
  • Historical Awareness [H]

Two easy ways to determine if a Rio Salado course meets a requirement are the Rio Salado course schedule and Find a Class option.

  1. Rio Salado class schedule. When you search for any class, the General Education Designation will be provided. In the screen shot below you will see that ARH101 satisfies the following General Education Designations: G, H, HU
  2. Find a Class. In Find a Class option, you will select the criteria to search, one of which is General Education Designations.

What’s easy and what’s hard is relative to each student. Things to consider when choosing classes are your interests, your goals, your study skills, your learning style, and your academic abilities. Advisors can give guidance on course selection but students must ultimately make the decision of what to take.