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Employer Resources

Recruiting Top Student Talent Just Got a Lot Easier

Thank you for your interest in recruiting and connecting with Rio Salado Community College students. 

Well-prepared workers are an invaluable resource, and recruiting them gives you a critical performance edge that can be the difference between success and falling short of your goals. Maricopa PipelineAZ provides a steady supply of high-quality workers ready to step into important positions you need to fill.

Maricopa Community Colleges are committed to the future success of our students — and your business. Follow the steps below to get started today. 

Quick Start Guide 

  1. Review the guidelines below before creating an account.
  2. Register. Click here to easily register for an account with Maricopa PipelineAZ
  3. Create your company profile. Create your online presence using our employers’ tools to stand out to students whose skills align with your open positions.
  4. Post unlimited jobs. Post job openings, internships, and apprenticeships to reach qualified student candidates seeking employment or work-based experience. Please review our Employer Guidelines before posting.

Job Posting Guidelines 

Employers: Please review the job posting guidelines carefully, before creating an account and/or posting jobs.

Recruitment Guidelines

Employers must abide by the job opportunity information submitted. It is not permitted to recruit for positions other than those positions already approved through the previously identified guidelines.

Maricopa Community Colleges' Career Centers reserve the right to grant access to employers as deemed appropriate to fit the needs of our various constituencies. The policy involves the review of requests for access to services from all employers for content and suitability. We do not accept postings for positions from any business whose purpose is inconsistent with policies, regulations, or the overall mission of Maricopa Community Colleges.