Step 4: Interviewing with Confidence


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Step 4: Interviewing with Confidence

Does the thought of interviewing stress you out? Are you interviewing but not getting called back by employers? If so, it might be time to refresh your interviewing skills.

Your next interview can feel more like a conversation you have control over than an examination if you prepare in advance. 

How to Prepare:

  1. Understand Your Brand - See Step 1: Personal Branding or attend our interactive presentation on Personal Branding (Register below)  
  2. Understand How/Why You Are the Best Candidate for the Employer/Position - See Step 2: Job Searching Strategies or attend our interactive presentation on Job Searching Strategies (Register below)
  3. Learn to Use Your Resume During the Interview -See Step 3: Resumes and Cover Letters or attend our interactive presentation on Resumes and Cover Letters (Register below)
  4. Be In the Moment
  5. Use the STAR or CAR Method

Develop Interviewing Skills
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Learn how to prepare for and feel more confident during your next interview by attending our FREE interactive Interview with Confidence presentation as part of our 4 Steps to a Meaningful New Career workshop series. 

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