Step 1: Personal Branding


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Step 1: Personal Branding

The career change process should begin with identifying and developing your personal brand.

Your personal brand is the unique message you communicate to others about who you are. Everything you say and do either adds value to or takes away from your brand. Clarifying your brand before you begin your job search will save time by targeting only the employers that align with your brand.

Ways to develop your brand:

  • Identifying and celebrating your strengths helps you place your focus on the strength of your brand
  • Getting clear about what you value and aligning your actions with those values will help your brand grow
  • Asking others how they would describe you will tell you how others perceive your brand
  • Making sure your social media activity supports your brand will help employers see how your brands align
  • If your brand does not align with the type of employer you want to work for, make changes to increase alignment

Resources to help you develop your brand:

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