Software Downloads


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Software Downloads

You may need to download some of the following free software products to successfully complete your Rio Salado College courses. Verify that you have the following applications and download any that you need.

Recommended Software: Description / File Name File
RealOne Media: Lets your computer display video movies and is used in several Rio Salado courses. Download
Google Chrome: For Windows users, Rio Salado recommends Google Chrome web browser. Download
Mozilla Firefox: For Windows users, Rio Salado recommends Mozilla Firefox web browser. Download
Adobe Acrobat Reader: Allows you to view PDF (portable document format) files. Download
Rosetta Stone: All students and employees have free access to this language learning software. Instructions

Student Software Discounts

You may be required to purchase and install additional computer software for certain college-specific courses. This software is not provided by Rio Salado. However, as a Rio Salado student, you’re eligible to purchase various software at a substantial discount.

Software Purchase Program

Note: It is strongly recommended that you have an antivirus software for your computer. As a current Rio Student, you may use a Sophos Home Edition Antivirus for free.  Please visit the following link for download and Install Instructions.

Learn Which Software You'll Need for a Course

Contact your instructor for questions regarding specific software you'll need for a class you are going to take. For general questions, you can call the Technology Helpdesk (480) 517-8600 or 1-800-729-1197