Math Practice Placement


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Math Practice Placement

Most of the Rio Salado College math courses require determining your math placement level. There are different course placement methods depending on which math course you're looking to take.

Course placement methods include using your High School GPA, ACT, SAT, or GED scores, an appropriate Accuplacer Placement Test score, an appropriate EdReady score, or a combination of these.

Please view our Course Placement Chart for information on math courses needing placement tests, placement methods, and scores needed.

Many of our lower-level courses will accept an appropriate EdReady or Accuplacer score while the upper-level courses will need an appropriate Accuplacer score.

EdReady Placement Tests

If you need the EdReady placement test, you can find it at our Maricopa site. If you do not achieve the score you need for the EdReady test, you can work through the short lessons they recommend for you based on your results. Every successful lesson you complete will increase your score. Once your score is at the level you need it to be at, you can register for the course.

ACCUPLACER Placement Tests

There are two levels for ACCUPLACER test:

  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics
  • Advanced Algebra and Functions

Please reference the Placement Chart above to see which test you need to take. You can take the Accuplacer test up to three times. The first two attempts must be separated by 24 hours. A third attempt will not be available until 3 months after your first attempt. The results are only active for 2 years.

Practice and Study Materials

The following are links to additional resources to help review material and prepare for your placement test. These items show a similar range of material that you can expect to see on the test. These items provide no guarantee of accuracy at predicting your score on the actual placement tests.

Prepare-for-ACCUPLACER is the place to find everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Accuplacer – except the exams answers! On the site is a list of the different ACCUPLACER tests available, study materials and Frequently Asked Questions.

Preparation Sample is a link to the College Board’s ACCUPLACER Sample Questions.

Math Videos and Tutorials is a link to the Rio Salado Library's resource page which includes links to Mathispower4u and Khan Academy.