Exam Proctoring


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Exam Proctoring

Proctored Exams

A proctored exam is an in-person exam that is administered by a proctor, a person who supervises candidates for the duration of the exam. This helps to ensure academic integrity and fairness for all students. Some placement, mid-term and final exams through Rio Salado College require in-person testing.

Rio Salado Testing Centers proctor exams for:

  • Rio Salado College students 
  • Students attending other colleges and universities
  • Businesses and community organizations

Contact Rio Salado Testing for more information about certified, proctored testing for your business or group, by email at testing.riolearn@riosalado.edu or call 480-517-8560 or 866-517-8560 (toll-free).

Proctoring for Rio Salado Students outside of Maricopa

Proctoring for Non-Rio Salado students

NCTA-Certified Testing Centers

Rio Salado has nine testing centers certified by the National College Testing Association (NCTA) located throughout Maricopa County in Arizona that serve Rio Salado students and others. Please see our locations site for more details.

Students with Disabilities

If you have a documented disability and require testing accommodations, please register with Rio Salado’s Disability Services Office