FAQs: Exam Proctoring


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FAQs: Exam Proctoring

In-person exams for Rio Salado require a qualified proctor to supervise you while you take the exam at an approved test site. This helps to ensure academic integrity and fairness for all candidates.

FAQs: Exam Proctoring

You do not need to provide an exam proctor yourself if you:

You need to secure a proctor for an in-person exam only if you are a Rio Salado College student who:

  • Does not live in Maricopa County, Arizona, or you
  • Will not be in Maricopa County when you need to take the exam or you
    • If any of those statements apply to you, you'll need to arrange for a qualified proctor to supervise your exam at an approved testing site. Most proctors charge a fee that is your responsible to pay.

Follow this process to get an approved test proctor:

  • Locate a suitable proctor at an approved location
  • Notify Rio Salado College that you are using an outside proctor and request approval of that proctor and location

Rio Salado will consider for approval proctors affiliated with the following institutions:

  • An accredited college or university or a
  • Military base and/or second lieutenant or higher rank 

No conflict of interest can exist in having your proctor administer your exams.

For example, you cannot have your exams proctored by:

  • Instructors, professors, and/or department chairs
  • Any person at a K-12 school, including administrators, teachers and/or librarians
  • At your place of employment
  • Co-workers, spouses, family members or friends
  • Currently enrolled Rio Salado College students

NCTA provides a list of approved college testing centers that might be located in your area. 

A proctor employed by a university or college must be an employee of that school's testing center. If the university or college where you want to test does not have a testing center, the test proctor must be employed in one of the following departments:

  • Distance-learning
  • Advising
  • Counseling
  • Disability Resources
  • Library

A suitable proctor at a military base must work at that base's education center. The proctor will be the Test Administrator or Test Control Officer at the installation (base, camp, Kaseme, COB, FOB) education center where you are stationed.

After locating a proctor at a test location, you need to notify Rio Salado College Testing about your choice and request approval of your selected proctor. Proctor approval is at the discretion of Rio Salado.

Request Rio Salado's approval of the proctor using the  Proctor Test Request Form. You should complete and submit this form soon after learning that you are required to take an in-person, proctored exam for your class. This is best accomplished during the first week of class.

The college uses the Proctor Test Request Form information you provide to verify the suitability of your selected proctor and to know which tests to send to your preferred proctor before exam day. To avoid delays in taking the exam, submit the request, allowing enough time for the college to process your request.

Note: You must submit a request form for every registered course that requires a proctored exam. However, if your course has a mid-term and a final exam, Rio Salado Testing can simultaneously send both tests on a single request form you submit.

The time frame needed for your proctor to receive the exams largely depends on the accuracy of the Proctor Test Request Form information you provide. 

  • Exams are sent to proctors within seven days of the proctor's approval by Rio Salado. The entire process can take up to three weeks. Again, submit your form early.
  • Requests are processed in the order in which they are received by Rio Salado Testing, which makes every effort to promptly verify the proctor and then send the test materials to the proctor.
  • Rio Salado cannot expedite services and cannot guarantee an arrival date for your tests.
    • If you think you may miss your midterm or final deadline, alert your class instructor to your circumstances.
  • You will receive an email confirmation after your proctor is approved, if applicable, We will send you an email confirming that the tests have been sent. If the proctor is not approved, we will send you an email indicating that you need to locate a new proctor.
  • Contact your proctor and set an appointment date and time to take your exam(s).
  • Once completed, the proctor returns the testing materials and you will receive your grade from your instructor.

If you need to take a placement test for a Rio Salado class and you will not be in Arizona's Maricopa County at the time of testing, you can arrange to test at an Approved ACCUPLACER Testing Site.

There may be required proctoring fees associated with the service. Students are responsible for any proctoring fees the site may charge.

If you are unable to locate a site, contact the Rio Salado Testing Center by phone: 480-517-8560 or email: Testing.​RioLearn@​riosalado.​edu.

Follow these steps to schedule a placement exam:

  1. Contact a testing center in your area (a local college or university) and ask:
    • If the test center is an approved ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Location, and
    • Whether the test center is willing to proctor your ACCUPLACER math, reading or WritePlacer placement test.
  2. After your selected proctor has confirmed a willingness and ability to administer your ACCUPLACER placement exams, submit a Proctor Request Form
  3. Your request may take one to two weeks to be processed. You will receive a confirmation email after your testing voucher is sent to your chosen proctor.
  4. You must contact your chosen proctor to schedule an appointment for your exam. Take your email confirmation with you to test.

If you have a documented disability and may require testing accommodations, register with Rio Salado’s Disability Services Office