Exam Proctoring for Non-Rio Salado Students


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Exam Proctoring for Non-Rio Salado Students

Rio Salado College Testing centers annually administers a combined average of 60,000 tests each year to businesses, community organizations, Rio Salado Salado students and non-Rio Salado students attending other colleges and universities.

Here are some reasons why so many choose Rio Salado Testing centers:

Nine Certified Testing Sites

Rio Salado has nine certified testing sites conveniently located throughout Maricopa County in Arizona.

  • Rio Salado College (RSC), Tempe
  • Communiversity at Queen Creek
  • RSC Avondale
  • RSC Downtown, Phoenix
  • RSC Luke Air Force Base (LAFB)
  • RSC Northern, Phoenix
  • RSC Southern, Tempe
  • RSC Surprise
  • RSC Thomas, Phoenix

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Why Choose Rio Salado Testing?

  • Parking is plentiful
  • Secure testing locations
  • Flexible testing hours
  • Knowledgeable testing center staff
  • Students are under video surveillance for the test duration
  • Credit for prior learning test capability that allows candidates to receive college credit from what they already know
  • Bi-lingual testing at select locations
  • Rio Salado testing is actively certified by the National College Testing Association (NCTA)
  • Large group testing capabilities with customized testing hours and other options

Testing Center Information

  • Testing at Rio Salado's nine certified testing sites in Maricopa County is conducted by appointment only. Please contact the testing center to schedule an appointment. (Testing sessions can be scheduled for larger-scale group testing for businesses and organizations outside the college community.)  
  • It is your responsibility to verify that the testing center location has received your test materials at least 24 hours before the day you test.
  • Exams from other schools and organizations can be sent to the testing center using mail, email, or fax:

Important Note: Exam materials from your school or organization need to be received by your selected testing site at least 48 hours before the selected test date. This allows time for processing. Exams that are received later (for example, the day of your test), may not be processed on time. This can result in delays and may even prevent candidates from taking the test.

Fees and Payment Methods

  • A $25 Rio Salado College administration per-test fee is paid on the day of the test. All fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Proctoring fees can be at the Rio Salado Tempe location by credit card, checks and cash during Student Business Services open hours. If Student Business Services is not open or when payment is made at other Rio Salado testing center, only money orders made payable to Rio Salado College are accepted.

Required Candidate Identification

Photo identification for the candidate is required. Candidates must present a valid, government-issued ID that has the candidate's signature and recognizable photo. 

Testing Environment

The testing room consists of computerized testing stations. Candidates are under video surveillance for the test duration. Rio Salado proctors exams that can be conducted by candidates using paper, pencil, computers or a combination of these methods.