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Welcome to the Tutoring and Learning Center

We offer free, in-person, virtual, and online tutoring to currently enrolled Rio Salado students. Our tutors provide tools and skills to help you succeed in your online learning and help with content knowledge by coaching you to take charge of your online learning experience. We teach you to think smarter, not harder!

Rio Salado Tutoring

Rio Salado Tutoring

The Rio Salado Tutoring and Learning Center provides in-person and virtual tutoring for several high-demand academic subjects including: accounting, computers, chemistry, biology, nutrition sciences, English, Spanish, math, and statistics.

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Tutoring from BrainFuse<br />

Tutoring from BrainFuse

BrainFuse provides online tutoring in many subjects, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Putting Students First

The role of the tutor is to equip you with skills and tools to succeed in your learning journey. We provide a holistic approach to your success by fostering meaningful relationships with our staff, students, and faculty. We provide learning strategies to help you become an independent and successful learner and take charge of your own learning. Tutors can help you review material, walk you through an example similar to your homework, or aid in constructing study guides to prepare for quizzes and exams. 

How we can help:

  • Explaining material found in your textbook, online lessons, and other learning resources
  • Understanding the course content, reviewing your work to provide feedback, and other assistance as needed
  • Assisting you through the process of writing an essay and with APA formatting
  • Navigating RioLearn
  • Providing test preparation services through EdReady to improve your readiness for classes or careers requiring college math or English
  • Discussing time management and study skills