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  1. Start at https://www.maricopa.edu/students
    1. Scroll down to “Student Center” and click it
    2. If you know your password then sign in

  1. Start at https://www.maricopa.edu/students
    1. Scroll down to “Student Center” and click it
    2. Then choose “forgot password”
    3. From this page you can reset your password. You may need your Student ID. If you do not have your student ID you may need to contact the Helpdesk.

The Rio Salado Helpdesk can assist you in accessing your account. Their number is 480-517-8600.

Meet with an Advisor to explore the best degree options that can utilize your previously earned credits.

  1. How to obtain OFFICAL & UNOFFICIAL transcripts
    1. http://www.riosalado.edu/selfserve/pages/transcripts.aspx
    2. Log in to your Online Student Center at My.maricopa.edu to process your request online.


    3. In the Academics section of your Online Student Center, click on the down arrow to the right of the box labeled Other Academic.


    4. From the drop down menu, select Official or Unofficial Transcript.
    5. Click on the double arrow button to the right.
    6. Select Unofficial Transcript as the Report Type, and click Go.
    7. Print your unofficial transcript by using your browser's print options.
    8. Click the blue link that says Return to go back to the View of your Unofficial Transcript page in the Online Student Center.

If you are receiving Financial Aid from another school, receiving the Partnership credits will not impact your financial aid. If you are receiving Financial Aid from Rio Salado, we have an internal process in which your credits are awarded to your transcript without an enrollment so there is no impact to your Rio Salado Financial Aid.

Because Rio Salado is a Regionally accredited college (which is the most widely accepted accreditation in the U.S.), our credits can be transferred to other Regionally accredited colleges as well as Nationally accredited colleges. Transfer credit policies differ from college to college so it is always up to the college to confirm their policies as well as the degree requirements for your selected program.

You will receive an email once you are enrolled in the classes and it typically takes about a week to be enrolled. Within that email, there is a link that directs you to an online form to complete so you can print your card.

An Associate degree is a minimum of 60 credits, and a Bachelor degree is a minimum of 120 credits (can include the Associate’s 60 credits) and the length of time depends on how many credits you take per semester. For full-time students it can take 2 years for an Associate degree and 4 years for a Bachelor's degree; for part-time students, it will take longer.

These credits are within a General Elective or Restricted Elective category and because they are directly related to your work, they also show professional development education within your field.