Occupational Program Advisory Committee


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Occupational Program Advisory Committee

Rio Salado recognizes the importance of providing access to training and career-path programs to give employees the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's competitive environment. We take pride in being recognized as a national leader in occupational program completion. We hope you will join us in creating and maintaining relevant occupational programs to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of local business and industries.

Occupational Program Flyer

What is the Occupational Program Advisory Committee?

Rio Salado College's Occupational Program Advisory Committee is designed to link the college's occupational programs to the community and is a vital component of Rio Salado's program review process. The committee helps the college meet the work related needs of the local community. The committee advises the college on continuous improvement for its occupational programs by ensuring that the instructional offerings are consistent with the knowledge and skills practiced by successful employees of local business and industry.

What does the committee do?

  • Assists in developing/evaluating Rio Salado College programs
  • Informs the college of changes in the labor market, specific industry needs, etc.
  • Helps promote occupational programs to the community
  • Serves as a communication channel between the college and the specific occupational community

Selection of Committee Members

Committee members are chosen for their ability to give expert advice to Rio Salado College faculty and staff members. Members have working knowledge of an industry that pertains to one or more of Rio Salado's occupational programs. Members include representatives from Rio Salado's partner organizations and volunteers from industry, business and government agencies.

Committee Member Responsibilities

Advisory Committee members provide advice based on their occupational expertise. It is the role of Rio Salado College faculty and staff to interpret that advice in a way that best promotes learning and meets student needs in the program. Committee members may be asked to:

  • Establish occupational work requirements and competencies
  • Recommend equipment purchases/donations
  • Identify new technologies
  • Assist with internships and job placements
  • Project labor market demand
  • Identify potential adjunct faculty
  • Recommend candidates for committee membership
  • Advocate the program

Duties of the Advisory Committee Chair

  • Prepare an agenda and preside over the meeting
  • Guide development of goals
  • Update member roster annually
  • Identify a member responsible for taking meeting minutes
  • Disseminate meeting minutes to committee for review and approval
  • Celebrate student, faculty, and staff accomplishments
  • Work closely with faculty chair or manager on initiatives

Committee Meetings

The Occupational Program Advisory Committee meets in-person or virtually at least once per year and communicates informally as needed. More meetings may be necessary if major course and program revisions are under consideration.