Block Calendar Policies and Procedures


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Block Calendar Policies and Procedures

1. Selecting a Term Block

Program-seeking students at Rio Salado College must select a Term Block that aligns with the academic program they are planning to pursue. The majority of the college’s academic programs follow the Rio Salado College Standard Block Calendar.

Program-seeking students who register at Rio Salado will start by selecting a start date for their classes. The start date will determine a student's block for that term. Students can use the online semester block planning tool to help build a schedule that works best for them, or they can speak with an academic advisor to plan their educational path.  

Students must complete all of their classes within the block’s start and end date. Use the Block Calendar Planning Tool to determine your semester's start and end dates.

2. Term Block Transfer

Students are encouraged to select a term block that aligns with the demands of their busy lives. The college advises all students to try to stay with their initial Term Block for the duration of their degree or certificate program. For example, if you select Block 2 in your Fall term, it is recommended that you enroll in Block 2 of your Spring term.

However, in the event that a student needs to change their Term Block, they can complete a Block Transfer. A Block Transfer may be completed at the beginning of a new term and must be planned prior to the Term Block Start Date. The student may select a new Term Block as long as the new Term Block begins after the end date of the current Term Block. Important: Term Blocks cannot overlap.

3. Program Block Transfer

If a student wishes to switch degree or certificate programs, they must update their program plan with Enrollment Services. Once a student selects a new program of study, they must follow the Term Block Calendar aligned with that program. For this reason, a student must change their program plan prior to the start of a new term.