Summer Block Policy


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Summer Block Policy

Program-seeking students who want to take summer classes can choose from one of eight summer semester block start dates that begin prior to July 1. Program-seeking students are students who are pursuing a certificate, degree or field of study at Rio Salado College.

Note: Students who are taking classes to supplement a degree or certificate program at another college will not be affected. In addition, students who take individual classes for personal enrichment will not be affected.

Read the Scenarios and FAQs below for more information about the academic calendar change.

Early Spring

Semester Blocks 1 - 8

Can enroll in Summer Semester Blocks 1 - 8

Late Spring

Semester Blocks 9 - 16

No available Summer Semester Blocks


  1. Naomi takes class at Rio Salado College for fun and personal enrichment. She is not seeking a degree or certificate and can choose any class start date in fall, spring and summer.
  2. Noah takes an online English class at Rio Salado College to supplement his degree program at ASUNoah can choose any class start date in fall, spring and summer.
  3. Tatiana takes classes at Rio Salado College and declared Associate in Arts in as her academic plan. She is enrolled in a late spring semester block (Semester Blocks 9 - 16) and she wants to avoid delays in her academic schedule. Tatiana should contact the admissions and records department to learn if she is eligible to move to an early spring semester block.
  4. Ricardo is pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at Rio Salado. He enrolled in an early spring semester block (Semester Blocks 1 - 8) and wants to take summer classes. Ricardo can choose a semester block start date that falls between the end of his spring semester block and July 1.

TIP – Academic planning is critical to your success. Contact Academic Advisement to learn more about academic planning and to establish your program plan in RioCompass.


Program-seeking students must begin their summer semester block before July 1. Depending on the student's spring semester block, they can choose from one of eight summer semester blocks in which classes begin prior to July 1.

To take advantage of the full academic calendar year, you are encouraged to start your semester block as early as possible. Starting earlier allows you to take courses in fall, spring and summer terms.

No. At this time, the Maricopa Student portal cannot make a determination of eligibility based on semester block scheduling considerations.

Students who register for a class that does not fit within their semester block will be automatically dropped from the class. An email notification will be sent to alert the student that they are no longer enrolled in the class.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with an Academic Advisor and use the RioCompass tool to plan their academic schedule. Creating a comprehensive academic plan is the best way to avoid scheduling conflicts.

This is not recommended. In addition to losing financial aid eligibility, students who undeclare their program of study are subject to changes in the program curriculum. This could result in significant set-backs, duplication of effort and frustration for the student.