Block Policy Updates


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Block Policy Updates

Policy for Students becoming Program Seeking

Rio Salado College is implementing a modification to its administration of the semester Block Calendar. This administrative change is effective for Non-Program Seeking students declaring his/her intent to start an academic program at Rio Salado College on or after September 16, 2013.

Note: Students continuing to enroll in classes as Non-Program Seeking students will not be affected by this policy.

The administrative change is as follows:

  • When a student is initially enrolled in one or more classes as a Non-Program Seeking Student,

  • The student changes his/her academic intent to become a Program Seeking Student in a subsequent semester while those initial classes are still in progress,

  • The student must wait to enroll in any future classes to be taken as a Program Seeking Student until after the SCHEDULED END DATE of the class(es) the student is taking as a Non- Program Seeking student.

TIP: Academic planning is critical to your success. Contact Academic Advisement to learn more about academic planning and to set up your program plan in RioCompass (formerly ESF).

Block Policy Updates

Based on informal feedback provided by our US Department of Education colleagues last fall, and based on student feedback that the process is not optimal, we need to modify the current block calendar process. By adopting the new policy, the college will be better aligned with the informal guidance that it previously received and will be able to deliver a better service experience to students.

September 16, 2013.

Since block enrollment is unique to Rio Salado College, your Maricopa Student Center (located at is not structured to recognize block or prevent enrollments that do not adhere to block.

Students who register for a class that does not fit within their semester block will be automatically dropped from the class. An email notification will be sent to alert the student that they are no longer enrolled in the class.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with an Academic Advisor and use the RioCompass tool to plan their academic schedule. Creating a comprehensive academic plan is the best way to avoid scheduling conflicts.

The financial aid process is not changing; funds will continue to be disbursed in compliance with federal regulations. Students should continue to follow instructions and notifications found in their Student Center. Changes to the academic calendar will not have any impact on the amount of financial aid available to students. If you have a question about your financial aid, visit the Financial Aid website or call (480) 731-8900