Success Story


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Why I Chose Rio…

Priscilla Ortiz

Priscilla Ortiz

Currently pursuing an Associate in Science degree

Originally, I chose Rio Salado College because it offered flexible start dates. The calendar was crucial for me. I knew Rio would allow me to speed up or slow down my classes to fit my current life.

Martha Salter

Martha Salter

Associate in Business, 2022

I chose Rio Salado because of the flexibility in available dates for classes. When I looked at other schools’ class schedules, they were very limited. I appreciated being able to do my classes around my schedule and still be home to take care of my daughter.



Kristi Kroeger

Teacher in Residence program completer, 2018

Rio was highly recommended by my (school) district. Because I was teaching full-time, the flexibility of learning from home for my post-bacc work was very helpful. Every instructor I had was either still teaching or had been a teacher.”